Centerpieces - DIY style

Reception time! Our destination wedding is behind us, and now it's time to celebrate with all the friends and family back home! But that means planning... and decorating... and lots and lots of stuff to do and a lot of that stuff costs money... So luckily for me, I have more time than I have money right now, so DIY projects it will be! They give such a personal touch to events, which is exactly what we're all about.

The supplies:

-white school glue
-food colouring
-assorted glass bottles, vases, and jars

The glassware

The supplies

**The mixture:
           add 4 parts glue to 1 part water and a few drops of food colouring - adjust amounts to your        satisfaction

**Paint your glassware - don't worry about it looking perfect when it's wet, it will dry nicely :)  Just beware of drips. And let dry thoroughly before moving on

Get your twine ready!

**Paint on glue where you want twine to be and begin wrapping! Extra glue will be needed at the ends and may need to be held down so it doesn't unravel. And beware - do not rub too hard on the jars as the paint will pull off. 

Wanna see the finished product?!


Can't wait to get these on the tables with some flowers and pinwheels in them!


the livin's easy

Now that summer has finally arrived, I just can't get my fill! Lake days, exploring, iced coffees, garden creations, camping, fabulous photo shoots in the heat, we even bought a kiddie pool for our backyard! And no, we have no kiddies (just a hedgehog). It's been glorious!

Here are some lovely summer inspirations. And come next week I'll post some photos of my yard and garden projects!  Stay tuned!


Exploring new places and spaces.

Beach must-have list: towel, book, sunglasses. That is all.

Road trippin' babes.

Note to self: make these next time you reunite with the ocean.

Camp! As often as possible.

River roaming. 



We've had so much darn rain in the past month that when the sun finally showed her pretty little face, well, all I could think about was heading to the great outdoors! So, hubby and I packed up a few essentials: towels, H2O, munchies, and most important, a good book! And we hit the road! The dirt road, that is. We found a pretty little lake, with a pretty little dock and we lazed and read and strolled around the trails; it was positively lovely!

So, get up off your butt, and go wander and find yourself a little adventure!



Inspire me

It's a wedding wonderland! And the wedding parties keep getting bigger and bigger... and bigger. I'm glad my brides and grooms have so many loved ones that they want to share their special day with.. but it definitely makes the photographer's job a bit more difficult. Trying to keep so many people in order while taking a fun, artistic photo (and don't forget making sure everyone's eyes are open!), is not the world's easiest task. I'm most certainly up for the challenge, but I could use some inspiration :)

So here goes, this is the inspiration I've found (and stay tuned, by the end of the summer I should have some great photos to share):

Source: Eylander Photography

Source: EHeizer Photography

Source: Luna Photography

Source: Jennifer Echols Photography

Can't seem to find the original photographer for this, but I found the photo here

Source: Jennifer Echols Photography

Source: Eylander Photography

Source: Eylander Photography

I managed to somehow lose many of the links to the featured photos, so my apologies to the photographers! But I thank you for the inspiration! I'm ready to go out there and conquer the rest of the weddings this summer!


Could it be so..?!

Could it? Could spring really be here?! The snow is melting, the sun is out, the intermittent pitter patter outside my window tells me that it's time to say farewell to winter and welcome in spring! And what a welcome it is! So ladies, it's time to put away your winter coats and dig out your pretty shoes from the depths of your closets!

This spring I'm dreaming of leather and lace...

1. the rawness of this lace makes me swoon

2. Perfection

3. The perfect size to fit your wallet, sunglasses, and camera for a perfect spring day!

4. Remember those pretty shoes I told you to pull out of the depths of your closet?
These should be amongst them.

Here's my own Polyvore twist on a great spring outfit!

And that's not all! Here's a great little tutorial to add a little leather&lace to your day:


For instructions, head on over to One Pearl Button for the full tutorial




Paper, paper, paper!

Sooooo, I've been planning my wedding reception and I keep coming back to all sorts of paper crafts that are just beautiful! And since it's been a ridiculously long time since I've done a post, I figured I'd get my butt in gear and share some of my lovely finds!  So for all of you out there that love DIY as much as myself, this post is for YOU!

1. Perhaps flower&herb seeds in these pretty tea bags as wedding favours...

2. Book+paper mobiles hanging from trees... very 'Alice in Wonderland'

3. Pretty paper garlands hanging from the marquee tent

4. Make your own gift bags... perhaps for candy at the candy table!

5. Elegant paper backdrop made from... *drumroll*... receipt paper rolls!

6. Another paper backdrop from crepe paper rolls

7. Matchbox envelopes... not sure what to put in these yet...

8. Pinwheels! Decoration, toys for the kids, so many uses!

9. And last but not least, paper art! Not so much a wedding project,
 but just too beautiful to not include!

Awesome, no?! I'll be keeping busy making all these little wonderful projects! And don't worry, I'll be sure to post the results!

8. Pinwheels 


'the permanent kind'

I've always been a fan of tattoos, but each year, each month, each day, my love grows more and more and more! And it's not just skulls and butterflies and barbed wire arm bands anymore. Oh no, tattoo artists and those getting ink are getting more and more creative and there are so many beautiful things to put on your skin! It truly has become a refined art form - the permanent kind.

The last tattoo is my own. It may be simple, but it's a reminder that I can often use.

*silhouette tattoo - original artwork via the talented and beautiful Charmaine Olivia
*peacock feather tattoo - artwork + tattoo via Char Brehm at PinUp Ink
*branches tattoo - found via We *heart* It!